Carl Marr

Carl Marr

Great Father, Husband, Son, and so much more

Baby Carl

Eight months old


Mother's mother and 21 years senior oldest brother, Kenneth
Matriarch: Mary Drucilla "Maude" (Hall) Wilson

Carl (sometimes Mikey)

Standing on right

Young Carl

Maybe first suit?

With Pop

Poppy traveled extensively as a Union Painter - IUPAT
Sometimes Carl went with him

Cowboy Carl

Carl's Little Buddies

Carl was uncle to several dozen nephews & nieces

[L-R] Jimmie, Ricky, & Buddy

Boxing Training

Before Mary

Carl always was popular with the ladies

Carl the Bad Guy?

Got back into theatre in the nineties

Just Chillin'

The Graduate

His yearbook photo was captioned
"Handsome as Lancelot"

The Viking

Had many friends, especially considering he just left South Carolina


... and he enjoyed cars

Wedding Day

Looks like Cheryl is feeding Dad

Young Love

Cue up the Sonny James

Carl at Work

St Pete Times - Paste-up

Marr Family - Dec 1960

Humble beginnings

Blackwells on the wall - Carl's friend did backgrounds for Popeye

Lake Worth
Church of the Nazarene

Carl raised the money to build this chapel

In-Laws - Farley

Building the Funeral Home of Carl's funeral

New Career

RCA was so impressed, they hired him a few years later and eventually made Carl Director

Before Cheryl

With Grandma Marr - a second Mom

New Job back in St Pete

Help his Mom after Poppy died

Dolphin Dad

Carl's company, RCA, sponsored the Miami Dolphins

Marr Family

In the Sixties
Check out the specs!

Need Coffee

Carl Senior and Carl Junior

Big Promotion

We were all proud of him but had to move to Indiana

President & CEO

Chief only 10 years after learning to program

Horseback in Montana

Spectacular views & an exciting emergency

Carl and Ruth

Lucky Carl had the best possible Mother-in-Law

Mary & Carl

Carribean Cruise - March 1979

Nancy, Uncle Ronnie & Carl

Reaping the Rewards

Home on 18th fairway
Last home in Indiana

Marr Siblings

Possibly Alma, Paul, Carl, Clarestine, & Wanda
Please correct me if mistaken

Miko in Washington State


International Daughter-In-Law

50th Anniversary

Fading but still sweet

7th Cousins Twice Removed